Aloha Brobra! Canadians+1 in Hawaii (Part 4 The Final Broha)

 Words and Photos by Luke Connor

   With the release of Dan Redmond's Hawaii footage viewable here, and the trip edit by Ethan Craig viewable here, I am left with the Final Broha of my photos to be released. The trip was an amazing experience and I hope to be back in Hawaii in the future with a skateboard under my feet, a camera in one hand and a beer in the other.


Matt Gravel kept mentioning that he wanted to do a Layback Boardslide and this hubba near our hotel seemed like the best choice. He got one with a tic tac, but we were kicked out while going for a second one because we were "breaking the concrete". Next time.

Matt Gravel casually flicks a Fs Halfcab Flip on a ditch day.

After sitting down for a while, Dan Redmond got up as the light was fading and put down this Nollie Hardflip just in the nick of time. This was one of the funnest spots of the trip for sure.

Knock knock. Who's there? Oh just Matt Gravel doing a Switch 180 to Wallride.

Can't decide which manual to do? Do two in one. Caleb Davies switches it up.

Dan Redmond battles the heat and the trick but pulls through in the end for his first clip of the trip.

The first spot we saw on our University of Hawaii Sunday, this was too good to pass up. After finding a way to shimmy onto the roof, Caleb got to business and put down this Blunt 180 moments before a concerned came out to confront the "skateboarders on the roof".

 Matt Gravel gets his Ollie on at Wallows

Caleb Davies takes a Backside 180 over the bush at Wallows

Caleb Davies gets a Frontboard on a bump to bar that we searched hours for one day, only to come back to skate it on the day it tropical poured. Nonetheless, the wet ground didn't phase the boys too much and a couple tricks went down.


Caleb Davies eats rails for breakfast, chomping down on a Lipslide at the first spot of the day

Caleb also has a very nice Ollie, and Ethan films well. This photo captures night skating for me. 

Caleb Davies getting twisted up
 This ledge was an awkward height but Dan has got that pop, resulting in an effortless Switch Kickflip Frontnose

 Dan Redmond sure knows how to wheel and deal. This is one hell of a combo that only required a brief tropical rainstorm to get sliding, riding and landing. 

Late night Switch Bs Nosegrinds from Dan Redmond minutes before the sprinklers went off.

Matt Gravel- No Comply Wallride at the Pipeline Bowl.


 See you again, Hawaii!

Words and Photos by Luke Connor

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