Ju-do You Love

   If you have ever watched Dylan Timmins skate in person, you are probably well aware that he has a very deep bag of tricks. Fresh off learning Judos a couple days ago, he started blasting them out of the extension with a ninja like kick. Look at that leg!!

Dylan Timmins- Judo [o] Connor

   One of my favorite photos from my trip to Hawaii is this Switch Pop Shuv I shot of Matt Gravel on my Nikon FM2. I always shoot skate photos digital because it's easier to work with the skater in getting the perfect frame, so I'm glad this one worked out in the 2 frames I shot. The simplicity of film and the restraints on how many frames you can shoot is something I am quite fond of, and forces you to nail your lighting and composition as efficiently as possible.

-Luke Connor

Matt Gravel- Switch Pop Shuv [o] Connor

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