Tuff City 2015

   For those who weren't in the beautiful region of Tofino for the Tuff City Skate Comp this Canada Day, here's a brief photo recap of the afternoon. 

Words and Photos by Luke Connor


Brandon Wells on the crates with co-pilot Evan Schumann

 Chase Torrie- Noseblunt

Isaac Walker- Fakie Flip

Brenan McEwan- Hardflip

Father and Son Timmins

Isaac Walker

Jayden Prescott

Jamie Knowles

Vahid Mathiscyk

Da Ladies

MC Picton

Amy Mattes in 1st

"Johnny Boy"

 AJ chasing shadows

Kyle Berry- 5-0

Kyle Berry- Smith Grind while the beer drinkers watch 

Schumann and Picton

Johnny Hanue- Fs Transfer

Ladies and gentlemen, the newest Instrumental Skateboards rider: Reed Timmins!

Reed Timmins
Brando congratulating Kyle Berry

Kyle Berry and Aaron Jackson

Johnny Hanuse

 Timmins and Co.

Instrumental Fam


See you all again next year!

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