Charles the Champ

In San Francisco resides Union Square, and for anyone who has had the opportunity to skate here, you know it's a giant bust; We had security threaten to call the police on our first night in SF just walking through, boards in hand. One night while skating the stairs to block out front, security told us that if we came back later on, we could skate that particular spot hassle free. We thanked him and went on our way, returning a few hours later. Somewhere along the way, everyone decided that we would just barge the apex of the Square and test our luck. With the best ground in the city and a perfect 3 block/mellow kink rail, the squad went off trying to get theirs before we got the boot. After a few minutes, the security guard we talked to earlier came up to us and demanded we leave immediately or the cops would be called. We politely disregarded his wishes and kept on skating. As we spotted the police flashlights one the brink of the square, Charles Deschamps rolled away from this Nollie Crook, and we hastily grabbed our stuff and peaced the scene with a few clips under the belt.

-Luke Connor

Charles Deschamps - Nollie Crook [o] Connor

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