Onethirtythree Port Alberni Trip 2015

For some reason I've missed the last 2 annual onethirtythree PA camping trips but I'm really fucking glad I got out of the city this year and went camping, skating and drinking way to many beers with everyone. There were spots when the Island Riders squad joined us where we must have been rolling 40 deep, tricks were going down quicker than luckys. Ending both nights at the Collins farm skating the mini ramp and bullshitting around the fire was definitely epic, even waking up on a deflated air mattress twice with a stick in your back didn't feel so bad. Big thanks to Keith Stevenson, Brando, Corbin and the Collins family for making this weekend happen, until next year boys! #133slaysPA


Video By: Jean-Marc Poirier

Onethirtythree PA 2015 from Jean-Marc Poirier on Vimeo.

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