YGT Presents: 365 (Part 1)

  In case you may have forgotten that we released our second full-length video last year, or perhaps you never saw it at all, we wanted to remind you this week with the release of individual parts and photos from YouGotThat Presents: 365.
Every day this week we will be dropping individual parts, kicking things off with Part 1 featuring the intro and the first friend's section with Dane Pryds, Carter Spinks, Matt Gravel, Skylar Kehr and Corey Cawdell.
Tomorrow we'll have the second friend's section up for Part 2. Cheers!

-Luke and Leo


 Dane Pryds - Smith Grind [o] Connor

 Carter Spinks - Nosebonk [o] Connor
 Carter Spinks - Backside Flip [o] Connor

Corey Cawdell - Nose Manny Nollie Tre [o] Connor

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